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Apple Watch

Watch Your Balance and Transactions on Your Apple Watch.

With Texell's Apple Watch app, you can securely check your balances and view recent transactions. Apple Watch access is free, secure and makes it simple to:

  • View account balances on the accounts you select
  • View six months of history on those accounts
It's never been easier to monitor your accounts. There is no need to log in or enter any information once the app is set up — just a flick of the wrist allows you to access your account information instantly.

To view balances and transactions on your Apple Watch:

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone
  2. Login to Mobile Banking:
    1. Select 'Settings' from the left navigation menu, this is the option at the bottom of the list
    2. Toggle "Quick Balance' to the on position, if needed. The accounts selected through 'Quick Balance' will be the accounts available on your Apple Watch.
    3. Toggle 'Watch Balance' to the on position
    4. That's it! The balances for you selected accounts and 6 months of transaction history on those accounts will be available on your Apple Watch.
You can also use your Texell debit or credit card on our Apple Watch with Apple Pay. Learn how to set up Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you have enabled the feature, the Texell logo will appear as an app on your Apple Watch. Simply tap the logo and the app will open.

If you have selected one account to view on your Apple Watch, that balance will automatically be displayed when you launch the app. If you have selected more than one account to view on your Apple Watch, you will swipe left and right to navigate between accounts.

Simply tap the account you would like to view and six month of transaction history will be available for you to view.