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Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Information Needed for Incoming Wires:

  • Texell’s routing number 311989250
  • Full savings or checking account number
  • Name listed on account
  • Address listed on account 

Routing and checking account numbers can be found at the bottom of your checks when reading from left to right.

Information Needed for Outgoing Wires:

  • Routing number for financial institution
  • Full savings or checking account number for target account
  • Name listed on account
  • Address for originator and beneficiary 
  • If paying off a loan, the loan number
  • Wiring instructions from other financial institution may be needed if there is an intermediate financial institution. 
  • Texell Credit Union does not wire funds to cryptocurrency exchanges or for crypto purposes. Members wanting to transfer funds to crypto-exchanges are encouraged to take advantage of the funding mechanisms provided by their preferred crypto-exchange.

Cut Off Time for Wires:

  • Wires are processed on business days Monday – Friday until 3 p.m. Wires submitted after 3 p.m. will be processed the following business day. 

  • We are able to receive and deposit incoming wires on business days Monday – Friday until 5:00 p.m.