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$5K Personal Loan

Get Approved for a $5,000 Personal Loan

Get Approved

For a limited time, Texell offers a $5,000 loan with low payments of $981 per month.

Use the money for anything you need:

  • Tackle car repairs or home projects
  • Treat yourself to a big purchase or getaway
  • Consolidate high-interest debt into one easy payment
...or whatever you choose! Get approved today.

1 With approved credit. Rates subject to change at any time. Monthly payment examples based on a credit score of 740 or higher, $5,000 borrowed at 11.99% APR for 75 months, and includes discounts for the purchase of Credit Life protection. Monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed is $19.46. Total cost of a $5,000 loan protected with Credit Life is $7,296.55. Individual monthly payment, rate, and repayment terms will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are several ways to pay your Personal Loan:
  1. A loan expert can set up automatic payments for you when you get your Personal Loan, and you will never have to worry about making a payment again.
  2. Transfer funds anytime using Digital Banking. You can transfer funds from your Texell checking or savings account or an account at another financial institution.
  3. You can pay your loan with a debit card from another financial institution.2
  4. You can also mail a check, call a representative, or visit any branch to make your loan payment.
Personal Loan amounts will vary by individual and depends on several factors, including what the loan is for, your credit score, and your ability to repay the loan.
In most cases, you will receive your funds on the same day your loan is approved. You can have your funds deposited into your Texell account or sent to your account at another financial institution. It is up to you. If you are consolidating debt, we'll even send the funds directly to your other creditors.
You can protect your Personal Loan with Credit Life and Credit Disability coverage.
Credit Life Insurance — This insurance policy pays off the loan balance to the credit union. It offers a Funeral Concierge service in case of the member's death. 
Credit Disability Insurance — This insurance policy makes the monthly loan payment to the credit union to reduce or pay off a loan if the member becomes disabled by a covered sickness or accident.     
Sometimes you need a break from paying your loan every month to free up money for other uses. With Texell's Skip-a-pay, you can skip your eligible loan3 payment twice every 12 months.

Skip-a-pay is available for a low processing fee of $25 when you use Digital Banking. To take advantage of Skip-a-pay, simply login to Digital Banking and follow these simple steps:
  1. From the dashboard, click on the loan you want to skip. 
  2. Select he "Skip-a-pay" button.
  3. Next, select the loan payment you would like to skip. Note: all your eligible loans will be displayed here.
  4. Select the Texell account where the $25 Skip-a-pay fee is being deducted. 
  5. Agree to the Skip-a-pay terms and conditions.
  6. That's it! You will receive a confirmation screen and your loan payment is skipped.
Additionally, you can select "Skip-a-pay" as a payment option when making a regular payment.

If you do not wish to utilize Digital Banking to save $10, you can fill out and submit this Skip-a-pay form. The processing fee for this option is $35 per loan.
In most cases, poor credit will not preclude you from getting a secured loan because you're securing the loan with an asset.
It depends, but a good rule of thumb is to use a certificate of deposit if you won't need the money for the term of the certificate. Using a certificate of deposit will allow you to receive a higher dividend rate on your funds.

2 There is a $4.95 per payment fee for debit card payments conducted through Digital Banking or on There is a $15 per payment fee for debit card payments made by a Texell representative.

3 Express, Credit Builder, Yes!, Employer, Home Equity, Home Improvement, Land, Mortgage, One-Time Payment, Fresh Start, Lines of Credit, Credit Cards and loans 15 or more days delinquent are not eligible for skip-a-payment. Loans that have been 30 days past due within the last year do not qualify for Skip-a-pay. Loan payments must have been on time during the three months preceding this request. All accounts at the credit union must be in good standing. If approved, your regular monthly payment schedule will resume immediately following the month you indicate on your request form. No more than two non-consecutive monthly payments may be skipped in a 12-month period.

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