Life Events

Birth of a Child

Congratulations, on your new bundle of joy! There are endless ways Texell can assist you with preparing for a new baby. Read more about Birth of a Child >>


Congratulations, on your engagement or marriage! There are endless ways Texell can help you prepare for your new adventures. Read more about Marriage >>

Loss of a Loved One

You’ve already taken the first step toward greater financial security by joining our credit union family. We're here to help you during these difficult times. Read more about Loss of a Loved One >>

Financial Library

Building a Better Credit Report

This detailed report will provide information on how to improve your credit report. It offers tips on dealing with debt, cautions about credit-related scams, offers information on identity theft and lists resources for additional information. Read more about Building a Better Credit Report >>

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing concern in our society today. This site deals with all parts of identity theft, including how identity theft occurs, what to do if it happens, how to resolve problems and how to minimize recurrences. Read more about Fighting Back Against Identity Theft >>

Work at Home Schemes

Things that seem too good to be true often are. This resource will explain many types of work-at-home schemes including medical billing, envelope stuffing and assembly or craft work. It also lists good questions to ask to potential at-home employers and where to complain if a problem should occur. Read more about Work at Home Schemes >>

Focus on Finances

This document sets out to improve the personal financial literacy of young adults. It teaches about consumer issues like credit, identity theft and buying a car. It also has important tips on budgeting, debt and even worksheet guides for purchasing a new or used car. Read more about Focus on Finances >>

Understanding Your FICO Score

This publication helps explain what makes up a credit score, what’s in your credit report, and why it’s important to know your FICO score. You will also learn who to contact for information on your credit report and helpful tips on keeping your identity safe. Read more about Understanding Your FICO Score >>

How to be an Informed Consumer

This resource gives tips on managing your finances, major purchases and investments, consumer rights, avoiding scams and rip-offs, and safety and security. You will learn how to establish credit, tips on buying a house or car, and the steps to take to resolve credit disputes. Read more about How to be an Informed Consumer >>

Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens

Social networking sites are everywhere and are growing more and more popular every day. This resource explains the dangers of social networking sites and lists several safety tips for socializing online. Read more about Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens >>