Congratulations on your engagement or marriage! There are endless ways Texell can assist you in preparing for your new adventures. Whether it is with financial assistance, offering advice on how to prepare financially for your new family or providing convenience as newlyweds; Texell is here to help.

Joint or Separate?

As a married couple you have the right to choose together if you want to combine finances or continue separately. The choice and decision is up to you, but know that there are many married couples that may have both joint and separate accounts.

If you are choosing to combine finances, have you thought about your current items that are financed such as auto loans or credit cards. Do you need to add your spouse to those accounts?

Spending Adjustments and Cutting Costs

Spending Adjustments – Create a budget together! New costs are going to come your way, so prepare by cutting your current expenses. Expenses will add up quickly and prices continue to increase. Get a head start on saving on everyday expenses to allow you extra cash for adjustment with living as a new family.

Emergency Fund

Unexpected costs are going to happen. A pool of money set aside for a true emergency is one of the best ways to protect your family’s financial security. A good rule of thumb is to start with a $1,000. Then, when possible, graduate to 3 – 6 times your month expenses.

Emergencies will occur and being prepared for those emergencies is important. By opening a Savings Account, you can provide an easy way to help save for the future emergencies that may occur. 

Preparing for your Future

Set aside money to prepare for future needs by transferring funds through e-Branch Home Banking or Mobile Banking. Before you know it, you will have enough money to put into a Certificate of Deposit or Money Market Account. If you start early - when it comes time to make a large financial decision - you won’t have to worry about applying for loans. Here are some great resources that can help you plan for this great accomplishment.

Make Your Life Easier as a Newly Married Couple

With so much to do in transition of being newly married, it would be worth your while to learn how to do some things the easy way. Texell has endless ways to make your banking experience with us more convenient and rewarding. Take a look!

  • Deposit checks straight into your account using your smart phone or tablet with Texell Mobile Banking App
  • Bank from the comfort of home with e-Branch Home Banking
  • Make all payments electronically or send checks without a trip to the mailbox with e-Branch Home Banking’s Bill Pay Feature
  • Skip a trip to the bank by opting in for Direct Deposit
  • Treat yourself to dinner, shopping or a luxurious getaway with points earned on your VISA BONUS Check Card or Platinum BONUS Credit Card

Get the Right Insurance

As a newly wedded couple, it is important to ensure that money is being saved in every aspect. Consolidating insurance policies may be the best choice into saving money. Visit Texell Financial or call a Texell Financial agent who can help combine insurance for you.