e-Branch Home Banking & Mobile Banking Enhancement

Good to Great!

Our e-Branch Home Banking and Mobile Banking upgrade is here! Now that the upgrade is complete, you can enjoy several new features including:

  • All accounts and loans under one login! Are you a joint owner on another member’s loan or checking account? You can now see all of your accounts and loans in e-Branch and Mobile Banking.

  • External transfers in e-Branch! Do you need to transfer money from an account at another financial institution to pay your Texell loan? No problem! You are able to conduct transfers from other institutions right through e-Branch.

  • Bill Pay in Mobile Banking! Pay and manage your bills on the go.

  • Use the same username and password for both e-Branch and Mobile Banking! You don’t have to remember two passwords anymore. Plus, if you reset your username or password, it will reset in both platforms.

  • Easier enrollment and access from a different browser process!
It is important to note that ALL e-Branch AND Mobile Banking users are required to re-enroll now that the upgrade is complete. Follow the step-by-step enrollment video for directions. The process really is easy.

If you are a Mint, Quicken, or QuickBooks user, we have guides that will help you keep these services running. It is important to follow the directions in these guides to ensure that your transaction history remains accurate and updated. 
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Quicken Mac 16-18 WC Quicken Mac 16-18 EC Quicken Mac 07 WC Quicken Windows WC Quicken Windows EC