Birth of a Child

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! There are endless ways Texell can assist you with preparing for a new baby. Whether it is with financial assistance, offering advice on how to prepare financially for a new addition to your family or providing convenient services for new parents; Texell is here to help. Before your life is changed and sleep exhaustion has kicked in, get a leg up on one of the most important aspects of caring for a child.

Financing the Birth

The first thing on your mind might not be financing the birth, but not only will you have to pay for prenatal care, but also the delivery fee could be another great expense.

  • Get funding with a Personal Loan by simply filling out a Loan Application
  • Pay hospital bills easily with Texell’s Bill Pay service 
  • View your options with an HSA Account

Spending Adjustments and Cutting Costs

If you haven’t already, create a budget. New costs are going to come your way so prepare by cutting your current expenses. It’s never too early to begin to save for your new family member. Expenses will add up quickly and prices continue to increase. Get a head start by saving on everyday expenses to allow you extra cash for after the baby arrives.

Emergency Fund

Unexpected costs are going to happen. A pool of money set aside for a true emergency is one of the best ways to protect your family’s financial security. A good rule of thumb is to start with a $1,000. Then, when possible, graduate to 3 – 6 times your month expenses.

Check your employer’s parental leave policies and health coverage – Don’t let the leave of absence after delivery cause stress. See what paid-time you may have, and save for the difference.

Account Just For Your Baby

Your baby will begin receiving money at an early age. By opening a Dollar Squad Savings Account, you can provide an easy way to help save for their future and teach them money management, too.

Preparing for Your Baby’s Future

Set aside money to prepare for your baby’s educational future by transferring funds though e-Branch Home Banking or Mobile Banking. Before you know it, you will have enough money to put into a Certificate of Deposit or Money Market Account. While your child is learning basic mathematics, those savings will be multiplying alongside him or her. If you start early - when it comes time to choose a college - you won’t have to worry about applying for student loans. Here are some great resources that can help you plan for this great accomplishment.

Make Your Life Easier as a New Parent

With so much to do in caring for a new baby, it would be worth your while to learn how to do some things the easy way. Texell has endless ways to make your banking experience with us more convenient and rewarding. Take a look!

  • Deposit checks straight into your account using your smart phone or tablet with Texell Mobile Banking App
  • Bank from the comforts of home with e-Branch Home Banking
  • Make all payments electronically or send checks without a trip to the mailbox with e-Branch Home Banking’s Bill Pay Feature
  • Skip a trip to the bank by opting in for Direct Deposit
  • Treat yourself to dinner, shopping or a luxurious getaway with points earned on your VISA Bonus Check Card or Platinum BONUS Credit Card